Terms of sales


These terms and conditions apply to the services marketed on These conditions of sale govern the sales of transfers, excursions or workshops by TOURISME MAYA.

The purchase of tourist services: transfers, excursions and workshops, offered by TOURISME MAYA, of all services via the website, entails, subject to the following, the full adherence of the customer to these terms of sale and the unconditional acceptance of their entire provisions.


The descriptive sheets on the website (and/or the estimate, if applicable) are intended to inform customers, before placing their order, of the content of the proposed services relating to the transfer, excursion or workshop, price and payment terms, cancellation and modification of service. The customer is invited to refer to the information sheets of the chosen transfer, excursion or workshop. TOURISME MAYA reserves the right to make changes to the information on the website, in particular to the price and content of the transfer, excursion or workshop services. The website is updated regularly and the prices displayed are likely to change depending on the updates. The applicable price is the price in effect at the time of registration for the service concerned and is confirmed to the customer before final acceptance.


3.1 – Registration requirements

Any person purchasing a transfer, excursion or workshop or any other service must be at least 18 years old and be legally capable of contracting. Any person who enters into an electronic agreement with TOURISME MAYA guarantees the veracity of the information provided by him and is personally committed to the persons registered on the same file.

3.2 – Registration

The ordering process on the website is as follows:

The customer selects the service or services of his choice;

He fills in the information requested and necessary for his reservation;

He chooses the means of payment of his order (being specified that in some cases, only an immediate online payment by bank card is possible)

Then he validates his order, and the electronic ticket is then validly concluded.

Registration, including where it includes services the availability of which is not certain, definitively binds the customer who can only cancel the service under the conditions of article 8 below.

3.3 – Registration regulations

Payment for your transfer, excursion or workshop in Mexico is made when you register online on our website via a secure payment system.

3.4 – No right of withdrawal

The customer is informed that he has no right of withdrawal.


4.1 – Payment of balance

The payment of your transfer, excursion or workshop in Mexico is made in full online on our site via a secure payment system. The invoice linked to it will then be delivered to you as soon as possible. It will be sent by email to the address you have provided.
It is PAYPAL, a perfectly reliable and secure online payment system that ensures our payment service.

4.2 – Non-payment of balance

TOURISME MAYA will not be required to maintain the availability of transfer, excursion, workshop or in general, services, which are considered cancelled by the client who has not paid for the service in its entirety. In this case, TOURISME MAYA will be entitled to keep the amount already paid at the time of the online reservation.


On the website of Tourisme Maya, the prices are indicated by person and in euros. These vary, of course, depending on the season, the exchange rate etc. The rates to be taken into account are those entered in your final estimate sent by email by the Tourisme Maya team. They are valid one week from the date of your quotation (unless otherwise specified in the quotation itself).


The prices may be modified by TOURISME MAYA in some cases before the actual reservation of the customer. The current price will be confirmed before registration.


7.1 – Down payment

In case of cancellation or modification of any service from the client, the amount of the deposit paid is not refundable.

7.2 – Changes at the Customer’s request

Any modification of the service at the request of the customer, will be subject to the prior agreement of TOURISME MAYA. Any modification will be subject to availability and payment of the related costs by the customer (increase in the price of the transfer, additional participants, etc.), it being understood that these costs may, in some cases, be different from the prices listed on the website. Service charges will be added to these charges.

7.3 – Customer absent from contracted service

When the customer does not show up at the start, or at the first service at the times and places mentioned on his electronic ticket, or if the customer is unable to participate in the trip (any cause: illness, accident, etc.). The service can be reprogrammed with a penalty if the logistics allow. The trip will in no case be refunded and the cancellation fees above will be due to TOURISME MAYA.

7.4 – Cancellation by the customer

It is specified that the cancellation by the customer of one or more participants registered on the file may result, where appropriate, in addition to the costs referred to in this article 8, in a tariff readjustment (e.g.: breakdown of the total cost of the transfer among participants still enrolled, etc.).


8.1 – Modification by TOURISME MAYA before departure

If prior to departure, an external event forces TOURISME MAYA to modify an essential element of the service concluded with the customer, TOURISME MAYA will notify the customer by any means allowing to obtain an acknowledgement of receipt, as soon as possible, and will propose either a change in the benefit or an alternative benefit. The customer can either accept the proposed change or request a refund. A client who opts for a refund will be able to obtain a full refund of the amounts paid. The customer will have to communicate his decision (acceptance of the modification or refund) within a maximum of 24 hours from receipt of the above information. If no reply is received within this period, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the proposed change.

When a minimum number of participants is required for a transfer, excursion or workshop and this number is not reached, TOURISME MAYA shall inform the customer at least 24 hours before the departure date. TOURISME MAYA then offers the customer a replacement solution(s) at the current tariff or the full refund of the amounts paid, without being obliged to any compensation or compensation for the customer.

8.2 – Modification of TOURISME MAYA after departure

If, after departure, TOURISME MAYA is unable to provide a preponderant part of the planned services, representing a not negligible percentage of the price paid by the customer, TOURISME MAYA will make its best efforts to replace them with equivalent services.

8.3 – Cancellation due to TOURISME MAYA, before departure

If TOURISME MAYA decides to cancel the service before departure, TOURISME MAYA will notify the customer by any means allowing to obtain an acknowledgement of receipt. If the parties do not reach an amicable agreement on a substitute service, TOURISME MAYA will reimburse the customer for the entire amount paid.


The customer must inform TOURISME MAYA of any peculiarities concerning him and likely to affect the progress of the transfer, excursion or workshop (persons with reduced mobility with or without a wheelchair, presence of an animal, transport of musical instruments, etc.).


No insurance or repatriation assistance is included in the services (transfer/excursion/workshop, etc.).


Under no circumstances shall TOURISME MAYA be held responsible for circumstances of force majeure, due to third parties not involved in the provision of the services provided for in the contract or to the improper performance of the contract attributable to the client. The liability of TOURISME MAYA can never be incurred for indirect damages.

TOURISME MAYA cannot be held responsible for the performance of the services purchased on the spot by the customer and not provided for in the description, or for the pre- or post-deliveries taken at the customer’s initiative.


When dealing with a transfer, excursion, or workshop, the customer may transfer his electronic ticket to a third party who fulfils the same conditions as him, as long as this agreement has not produced any effect. The customer is obliged to inform TOURISME MAYA of his decision by any means that will enable him to obtain an acknowledgement of receipt at the latest 7 days before the date of commencement of the service.


Customers who have comments to make on the progress of their service must do so as soon as possible by any means allowing to acknowledge receipt with TOURISME MAYA (Email :

TOURISME MAYA strongly recommends that customers report and have documented on-site with the TOURISME MAYA representative any shortcomings in the performance of the service. The review of the claim files will only focus on the contractual elements of the reservation. Any subjective assessment will not be taken into account. Any compensation granted for a claim relating to the services may be based only on the price of the latter. TOURISME MAYA undertakes to make every effort to process claims within four weeks of receipt. Depending on the complexity and the need to carry out surveys of service providers, this period may be extended.


It is strongly recommended not to carry valuables (jewellery, etc.) but only the necessary and appropriate effects for the specific purpose and conditions of the trip. TOURISME MAYA is not responsible for any theft or loss of objects during your trip. Customers are advised to deposit valuables, identity papers and transport documents in the safe of their accommodation. The customer is responsible for the omission or loss of objects, particularly during transport or transfers.


Any agreement between TOURISME MAYA and the customer is subject to Mexican law.


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